Exhausted But Not Extinguished

What do you do when you find yourself perpetually stuck in a valley that you believed wholeheartedly was going to be temporary, but are now coming to the very real and somewhat frightening realization that indeed, it may be permanent? How do you process, confront, and ultimately overcome the paralyzingly terrifying feelings of being completely … Continue reading Exhausted But Not Extinguished


A Final Goodbye to the Best Loss of My Life

This is officially the last post I will EVER write about my former relationship - praise the Lord for that! 😊 There is something utterly amazing in arriving at the destination of "Thank God that's over." It was a long journey, but I can without one shred of doubt say that I've arrived, and I … Continue reading A Final Goodbye to the Best Loss of My Life


As I was driving home from work Friday afternoon, listening joyfully to my new Hillsong album on iTunes, I was casually talking to God as I so often do in my alone time. I was asking Him to speak t… Source: Freedom